Social Inclusion & Community Engagement


We actively engage with the community to ensure that local residents and businesses can benefit from the project. Clipfine can assist with the following schemes,

  • Community investment programmes

  • Employment of labour, businesses and suppliers

  • Workshops, community groups and school visits

  • Charitable events and fund raising

  • Newsletters, leaflets and project websites.

Our Logistic Management systems enable us to control the activities on site and help manage the behaviour of the site operatives, thereby minimising disturbance to the local community. Clipfine can,

  • control the timing of deliveries on and off the project via our Delivery Management System (iCLik) which can be adjusted to take into consideration local events, planned road closures or designated quiet periods;

  • use Consolidation Centres to maximise delivery efficiencies by reducing the number of vehicles coming to site and ensuring that they turn up just in time;

  • provide Site Security and Traffic Marshals at the frontline of the interface with project neighbours who will be responsible for managing the vehicular access to site and ensuring that operatives and vehicles arriving at the project do not loiter or park in or around site causing a nuisance to our neighbours;

  •  provide excellent welfare facilities, such as a subsidised canteen with a selection of healthy foods encouraging operatives to stay on site and not overspill into the surrounding streets during break periods (especially at times that coincide with the community break periods);

  • manage designated SMOKING AREAS to reduce the impact on the neighbourhood;

  • control and monitor dust and noise pollution by the provision of vehicle wash down facilities, noise monitoring equipment etc;

  • the Considerate Contractor Scheme (which Clipfine actively advocate) encourages a number of good practices to improve the image of construction including schemes that promote good relationships with the community e.g.  Open Days, Charity Events, School Visits, and Training & Presentations, enhance the appearance of the site, and protect the environment, improve safety and care for the workforce;

In addition we look to engage with local businesses and job seekers so that they can benefit as the opportunities created by the projects unfold. This can include local advertising, engagement with local media, community job seeker groups, and via wider use of project communication facilities.