Strategic Direction

As group Chairman, Thomas MacCarron is responsible for all aspects of Clipfine from strategic business direction and development through to implementation of the services in the field. Thomas is supported at strategic level by Christopher Massie as Chief Executive and Mukun Ganesh as Company Secretary and Head of Finance who between them ensure that the business objectives are clearly defined and that the infrastructure is put in place to ensure that these objectives are delivered.


Bill Bradley as Commercial Executive provides the conduit from strategic direction of the company to implementation and is responsible for creating the platform for delivering the planned growth of the business.

There are five distinct strands of the Clipfine business – Logistics, Security, Health & Safety, Sustainability, and Construction Management. These are supported by commercial and human resource departments. Each strand is led by a dedicated manager and each manager reports to Bill. Clipfine have deliberately created a flat management structure to encourage inter-communication and the sharing of ideas between various business departments.

We are proud to be able to say that many of the Clipfine employees have been with the company for over 20 years (several over 30 years) and all are loyal, trusted professionals who have a great deal of experience and understand the Clipfine philosophy.