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US London Embassy

Project Summary

Project: New US Embassy
Project Location: Nine Elms Lane, London SW8
Main Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine

Services Supplied

  • Delivery Management
  • Environmental / Waste Management
  • Fire Management
  • Hoist / Lift Drivers
  • Logistics Management
  • Material Distribution
  • Site Security
  • Site Establishment
  • Site Maintenance
  • Traffic Management

Project Description

The New US Embassy in Nine Elms, London is a 65-metre-tall, 12-storey cube which includes public areas, work areas, dining rooms and ceremonial and symbolic spaces.

The unusual form of the building is designed to minimise solar gain and glare while still allowing natural light to enter. The reflective façade shifts in colour according to the weather and the position of the sun.

The landscaping and walkways of the embassy spiral inwards from the boundary of the site. A semi-circular pond on one side of the building complements a park development.

The embassy features internal gardens, spiralling inwards, designed to provide additional walkways and meeting spaces.

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