Clipfine have developed a portfolio of bespoke Construction Support Services that can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of any project or Client.

Strategic (Pre-Construction) Phase

At the pre-construction phase of a project, Clipfine can provide specialist advice to Clients to assist them with their business planning, strategic thinking and viability assessments. Clipfine have the in-house expertise to provide,

  • initial cost advice, including the examination of value engineering options and opportunities for cost saving;

  • life cycle analysis, whole project cost planning and forecasting;

  • expert knowledge on methodology and logistical constraints;

  • strategical analysis for security installations, material delivery and distribution;

  • design drawings detailing traffic management requirements, vehicle movement paths, pedestrian segregation routes and welfare facility layouts.

Implementation Phase

Professional management of all logistical aspects of a construction project is essential in order for the project to be a success in terms of its timely delivery, adherence to health and safety obligations and sustainable effectiveness. Clipfine have the right calibre of experience and trained managers to deliver professional expertise in the following areas,