Consolidation Centres


We are in partnership with Wincanton to provide holding points and off site Consolidation Centres for clients. Our partnership has been established to allow Consolidation Centres to be set up near the construction site for all materials to be housed and managed in a central location. Goods can be stored in a secure site and can then either be collected at a convenient time or delivered in a "Just In Time" fashion.

Combining the expertise of Wincanton’s nationwide specialist warehousing and distribution with our site logistics means that we can offer a unique means of transforming the construction supply chain. The offer enables construction traffic and the number of people required to facilitate delivery on site to be significantly reduced by the consolidation of the number of vehicles arriving to the development. As a result it will help to reduce costs, minimise the reliance on the delivery of goods from an increasingly wide range of suppliers and minimise on site waste by ensuring the delivery vehicle’s load is optimised. It also provides a green transport solution through use of electric vehicles and reductions in fuel consumption.

Added benefits of using Consolidation Centres are,

  • option to use the facility as a holding centre for trailer vehicles;

  • option to use reverse logistics to remove pallets and waste from site;

  • provision of a secure environment for material storage with 24/7 security protection;

  • temperature controlled environments for specialist goods and materials.

We have successfully used Consolidation Centres on a number of high profile schemes including the BBC project and One Hyde Park.