Construction Support Services

Construction Support Services


Our Construction Support Service offers our clients an array of skill sets which can be called upon as and when required by the project. All our operatives have the necessary CSCS card and up to date training relevant to their trade. We provide in-house training to our employees so that they can be multi skilled and therefore provide our clients with an improved service and value for money. We have developed an employee search engine tool that can review our internal database and source an individual based on their trade, training qualifications or residency. Under this agreement we also provide Head Office support via our Health & Safety, Contracts and Commercial departments to assist with,

  • tool box talks

  • safety inspections

  • procurement of plant and materials

  • logistic planning

  • security planning

  • waste management

  • delivery management.

Our Operations Managers regularly visit each site to engage with the client and communicate with our workforce. The specific services we can provide are,

Waste Ganger / Waste Labourer

Our waste team will consist of a Waste Ganger and Waste Labourers. This team will manage the waste segregation/collection and removal system on behalf of our client and the various contractors employed on the project.

The waste team will be responsible for implementing the Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) on behalf of the client. To aid on site segregation we provide 660 or 1100 ltr wheelie bins and skips of various sizes for each waste stream. In both cases we identify with signage or a colour coding system the waste streams for each.

The waste team will ensure that there are sufficient bins/skips allocated to each trade contractor and positioned in the appropriate place to encourage good housekeeping and waste segregation. Their additional responsibilities can include floor sweeping of the slab and access routes, defining storage spaces and access routes on the floors by speed line paint spray or barriers.

The waste team will transport the waste from the collection point to waste holding areas and then disposal off site. No stockpiling of waste/rubbish will be permitted on our projects and the waste team will remove rubbish on a daily basis and notify the relevant trade contractor of any breaches to the SWMP.

We operate a Clear Up Form to contractors who leave materials/debris around the site. We will remove any materials/debris that causes a potential hazard on site and/or that have not been removed after issue of a notice. The offending trade contractor and client will be notified and all resource used will be collated for cost recovery.

Welfare Labourer

Excellent welfare facilities are key to maintaining a well-motivated workforce. The principle behind the cleaning regime is to ensure that we provide a dedicated welfare team that will be fully responsible for the management and maintenance of the facilities on a day to day basis.

The site welfare duties can consist of,

  • emptying of waste bins;

  • vacuum cleaning carpets to offices and meeting rooms;

  • cleaning office kitchenette;

  • maintaining consumables for the welfare facilities;

  • cleaning of welfare facilities including walls, floors, sinks and wc’s;

  • cleaning the seating areas to the canteen;

  • cleaning of contractors offices;

  • general attendance to Project offices;

  • attendance to general tidiness of external accommodation areas.

We will develop project specific cleaning procedures along with inspection regimes to monitor the performance levels of the cleaning service.

Hoist Driver

All our Hoist Drivers are CPCS trained and are familiar with their plant sufficient enough to carry out the daily and weekly maintenance and safety checks.

They are responsible for,

  • operating the hoists and beneficial lifts;

  • liaising with Logistics Co-Ordinator with respect to hoisting procedures;

  • checking and bringing to the Logistics Manager’s attention any maintenance / remedial requirements required to the hoists, goods lifts, loading docks, run-ins, ramps or opening protection;

  • cleaning of hoist cars, goods lifts, loading dock, run-ins, ramps, etc;

  • never leaving the hoists unattended whilst switched on.

Fire Marshal

We can provide trained Fire Marshals to ensure that the management of fire safety is maintained throughout the project. From the development of the Fire Safety Plan and provision of the fire-fighting equipment, Clipfine’s Fire Marshals can ensure that the necessary maintenance of safety routes, fire-fighting equipment and emergency exits are inspected and maintained at all times.

Having been allocated zones to patrol the Clipfine Fire Marshals are able to monitor and control the environment to which everyone is working, ensuring that the risks of fire is reduced. They also ensure that the use of Hot Works permits are in operation and fire points are correctly labelled and positioned.

We have developed our own PDA Technology for Hot Works system. This allows the Fire Marshals to carry out routine inspection of fire points recording all inspections & providing real time reports. Our Security Software package can be used with a hand held reader to provide ‘Real Time’ accurate information for fire evacuation reports. 

Traffic Marshal

The Traffic Management Co-Ordinator is responsible for the implementation and management of all traffic movements and to manage the safety of all those working, visiting and passing by the site boundaries. Their role is to ensure close communication with the project team in order that traffic routes do not impact on third parties during the construction of the project.

The Traffic Management Co-Ordinator will also ensure that the Traffic and Pedestrian Management Plans are displayed and communicated through regular meetings and workshops held on site.

Our uniformed and trained Traffic Marshals will carry out the following role,

  • maintain a visual presence at the Vehicle Entrance/Exit gate to meet and greet delivery vehicles and ensure the safety of pedestrians;

  • be uniformed, polite and courteous to all;

  • enforcement of the agreed delivery schedule;

  • maintain and adapt pedestrian barriers, signs and safe walkways;

  • record via our PDA the vehicle arrival and departure time and calculate the deliveries Carbon Footprint;

  • bank deliveries in / out of site;

  • ensure that all delivery drivers remain in their vehicle and are familiar with the site rules;

  • direct delivery drivers to the correct unloading bay;

  • ensure that all of the gate/s are closed at all times and manned during all working hours and that the pavements remain clear of debris;

  • manage the transition of delivery vehicles safely crossing pedestrian footpaths making due allowance for signage.

As part of the traffic management scheme, we would develop a set of delivery Driver Rules and regulations that would be displayed at the unloading zones and security office located on site.

Security Manager & Security Guard

All our Security Guards hold an SIA licence and wear the Clipfine Security uniform and full PPE.

Our CSCS qualified guards are also trained in the following technical skills,

  • first aid at work

  • Traffic Marshal

  • Fire Marshal

Their roles will be set out in the Security Guard assignment instructions which are bespoke for each project and will include pedestrian and vehicle checks and liaison with the operatives and general public as they are generally the first point of contact.

We will establish a Security Strategy incorporating emergency procedures and security monitoring which the Security Guards will enforce.

Occupational Nurse

We can provide a full range of occupational health services on site, from the provision of trained paramedics to first aid supplies.

Our trained first aiders and nurses will operate from fully equipped first aid rooms and treatment areas for minor injuries and ailments. In addition we can facilitate screening clinics on site to promote health and wellbeing to reduced absenteeism due to ill health.

The role would normally include,

  • provision of well-person clinics;

  • administer first aid;

  • tour site giving medical information to operatives;

  • maintain all first aid equipment and consumables;

  • give tool box talks on medical risks based upon current and forthcoming work activities;

  • promote poster campaigns to maximise operatives using the facility;

  • maintain records of training and maintenance of key equipment (e.g. defibrillators).

Carpenter & Handyman

We can provide skilled tradesman on a daywork basis or, if sufficient information is available, on a fixed price. All our operatives carry a CSCS card and method statements and risk assessments are provided before works commence.

Our carpenters and handymen are normally employed to carry out the following works,

  • hoarding installation, maintenance and decoration;

  • tower crane hoarding;

  • weather proofing to slab edge, cores and riser openings;

  • ramps for hoists and changes in levels;

  • void protection;

  • maintenance and fit out of welfare areas and accommodation;

  • installation of barriers, gates and signage.