Delivery Management and Material Distribution

Delivery Management & Material Distribution


We have developed an internet based delivery management system known as iCL:ik which provides a secure log-in for all users to manage their deliveries to site. Once user accounts have been established, Users can start to co-ordinate and manage their deliveries via the internet either on or off site (e.g. from an external Consolidation Centre).

The iCL:ik system enables ,

  • delivery or a pick up to be booked

  • co-ordination with Consolidation Centres (If applicable)

  • organisation of resource (e.g. crane, hoist or forklift usage)

  • provision of a ‘Just in Time’ approach to managing deliveries

  • arrangement for a courier to deliver or pick up

  • provision of real time feedback regarding goods inward to sites

  • provision of reports to Manager-Users in respect of performance

  • provision of continuous on site training and support to Contractors.

iCL:ik is bespoke to each project and provides details of onsite resources, floor areas, delivery points, unloading dock details and contact information. A key benefit of iCL:ik is the ability for all users to view and co-ordinate their deliveries in advance enabling true “Just in Time” material and plant deliveries.  Delivery application forms are processed through iCL:ik and delivery booking schedules for hoists, cranes and storage are prepared accordingly by the Delivery Co-ordinator. These schedules allow the site and logistic team to pre plan for the delivery and ensure that the correct labour and plant resources are available to off load and distribute to the agreed storage area safely. Forward planning increases site efficiency as delivery vehicles are unloaded quicker and more deliveries through the gate increases hoist and crane use. In addition, reports can be produced to monitor performance in terms of ‘no shows’, late and early deliveries or indeed unbooked deliveries.

Material storage and distribution

The standard of housekeeping achieved on site is dependent on the effectiveness of the material storage and waste management strategy. Clipfine co-ordinate with Contractors and Suppliers to ensure that the storing of materials on site is properly managed.

The arrangements for material storage are discussed and agreed at the outset of a project based on the strategic analysis carried out during the pre-construction phase. The key considerations are the allocation of dedicated storage areas for plant, materials, waste, flammable substances and COSHH items together with defined pedestrian access and emergency routes.

We can provide a material distribution gang on projects that require it. This will involve Clipfine working closely with the supply chain to organise deliveries to site, understanding any specific requirements of the load and ensuring that the correct resources are available to unload and distribute to the correct work area in a safe and timely manner.