traffic management

Traffic Management


We can provide Traffic Management Plans and equipment to segregate pedestrians, vehicles and moving machinery. The majority of construction transport accidents result from the inadequate separation of pedestrians and vehicles and this can be mitigated by careful planning during the pre-construction phase and by controlling vehicle operations during the implementation phase.

In order to keep pedestrians and vehicles segregated, we focus on the following key areas,

  • entrances and exits - provide separate entry and exit gateways for pedestrians and vehicles;

  • walkways - provide firm, level, well-drained pedestrian walkways that take a direct route where possible;

  • crossings - where walkways cross roadways, provide a clearly signed and well lit crossing point where drivers and pedestrians can see each other clearly;

  • visibility - make sure drivers have clear visibility on public roads can see both ways along the footway before they move on to it;

  • obstructions – prevent blockage of walkways preventing pedestrians having to step onto the vehicle route;

  • barriers -  installation of barriers between the roadway and walkway;

  • Traffic Marshals and Security Guards – clearly identify cross over points and marshal the deliveries and the pedestrians with trained competent operatives that can give clear instructions to drivers and members of the public.

Delivery management & good planning will minimise vehicle movements around a site. To limit the number of vehicles on site, we promote the use of local transportation and discourage operatives from driving to work. We control the vehicle entry points to site and plan unloading and storage areas so that delivery vehicles do not have to cross the site.

Vehicles being reversed should be avoided wherever possible as reversing is a major cause of fatal accidents. Our traffic management plans encourage one-way systems to reduce this risk or a turning circle so that vehicles can turn without reversing. If vehicles reverse in areas where pedestrians cannot be excluded, the risk is elevated and visibility becomes a vital consideration. We provide trained and competent Banksman / Signallers to direct the vehicle movements safely.

We enforce Driver Rules to ensure that all delivery vehicles have driver aids such as mirrors, CCTV cameras or reversing alarms. We also provide and install signage and Driver Rules in many languages to ensure that all drivers and pedestrians know and understand the routes and traffic management requirements on site.