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Clipfine provides traffic management plans and equipment to segregate pedestrians, vehicles and moving machinery to mitigate danger and risk.


  • Provide separate pedestrian and vehicle gateways
  • Install barriers between roadways and walkways
  • Provide firm, level, well-drained pedestrian walkways that take direct routes where possible
  • Provide clearly signed and illuminated crossing points for clear visibility
  • Ensure clear visibility where site and public roadways/walkways meet
  • Enforce driver rules to ensure all delivery vehicles have driver aids such as mirrors, CCTV cameras or reversing alarms
  • Provide traffic marshals and security guards to clearly identify crossing points and proactively manage vehicles and pedestrians
  • Provide banksmen and signallers to direct vehicle movement safely

To further reduce risk, we encourage one-way systems or turning circles so vehicles can turn without reversing. We also promote public transport commuting for our operatives, rather than driving to work.

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