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Clipfine provides traffic management co-ordinators and fully trained traffic marshals for the implementation and safe management of all traffic movements around site boundaries.

Traffic and pedestrian management plans are communicated with project teams and prominently displayed. It is key to minimise the impact on third parties during the construction of the project.

Our traffic marshalling teams:

  • are uniformed, polite and courteous to all
  • maintain a visual presence at site boundaries to meet vehicles and ensure safety of pedestrians
  • enforce agreed delivery schedules
  • maintain and adapt pedestrian barriers, signs and safe walkways
  • record vehicle arrival and departure time and calculate the deliveries carbon footprint
  • bank deliveries in and out of site
  • ensure all delivery drivers are familiarised with site rules
  • direct delivery drivers to correct unloading bays
  • ensure gates are closed at all times and manned during all working hours
  • manage transition of delivery vehicles safely crossing pedestrian footpaths making due allowance for signage

As part of the traffic management scheme, we develop sets of delivery driver rules and regulations that are displayed at unloading zones and security offices.

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